Recent News


Golden Globes and my two students ! Congrats to child actor Anais Lee…we worked hard on her audition for the co-starring Role on ” Mozart and the Jungle”. Congrats to child actor Devin Fabry. We worked equally as hard for her to book the part of young Amy Schumer in ” Trainwreck” It’s an honor to be in the nominations!

GOLD ADDY AWARD ! Congrats to my brilliant, talentred wife. She won with the touching story of a young boy receiving a double hand transplant. It’s never been done! The hands are now moving and growing with him…wow! Watch it and have some tissues.

The eight pages of sides had one line…..but many key reactions….co-starring role on ” The Blacklist. Congrats to twin sisters Mirabelle and Anais Lee….They both booked it!!

Fall  2015

October 29th I got a call…” we need to tape two scenes and send them in tonight ” We did…we booked ” The Stephan Colbert Show” … on October 30 little Anais Lee trick or treated with Ron Gronkowski ( on the show) too funny . Meanwhile sister Mirabelle was in the Dominican Republic doing a Club Med Shoot. Both girls are dancing ballet in ” Billy Elliot “at the Media Theater. They are on fire. Former student Tamika RS booked a role in the upcoming film ” Dirty Thirty” premiering in 2016. Watch student Christine Carlson Witte on Bluebloods November 7

Summer 2015

“Trainwreck” was released and opened with a shot of my student Devin Fabry playing young Amy Schumer. We worked hard on her getting that role. Just found out that 8 year old Anais Lee booked a co-starring role on Nickelodeon’s “Marty and The Jungle” This is the third co-starring role this year that she has booked after working on the audition with me. We are a great team! Christine Carlson Witte booked a featured role on ” Limitless”. Former student Tamika RS booked a role on ” Life in Pieces”

January, February, March, April 2015

“The Voice” After working on presentation, interview and delivery…it was so rewarding to see Blake and Adam both turn around for my student Josh Batstone….he chose Adam….Congrats. Mirabelle and Anais Lee skyped with me for an audition for “Madame Secretary” ..we nailed it…they booked both of them..yay!!” Waiting on lots of auditions and callbacks….will update soon. Former student Katherine Hughes is featured in the much talked about film” Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”

November, December 2014

  • AJ TECCI finished working on his third call back and waited….. He booked the role of the voice of ” PigPen” in the new upcoming “Peanuts” movie.
  • Little Anais Lee and I prepared her audition via Skype…she booked  a co-starring role of Theo’s daughter on the Fox series ” The Following”
  • Two more upcoming students have secrets that will be let out soon….keep posted…On another note….My lovely talented wife just shot an interview with Meghan Trainor (all about the bass, no treble)

August, September, October 2014

  • Lauren Davish and George Ohrin both had auditions for ” House of Cards ” this week….fingers crossed.
  • Fingers crossed for so many of my students who had auditions for Nickelodeon and Disney Pilots in September and October. Those students include Hannah Bohn, Alexander Ryan, Lexi Gwynn, Valarie West, Alaina Lewis, Sabastian Coates and Orianna Riley.
  • Joseph Caputo was cast as a Peter Cushing re-enactment in the film ” Carlotta’s Way” Little Bella Wedul just signed with Wilhemena New York. Francesca and Gabriella  Macera both got signed with MMA.

July 2014

  • Congrats to PJ Barth!!!! Pj started working with me less than a year ago. His newly signed manager gave him sides for a movie audition…..we worked on them ….Bam! PJ booked the role of Max Getz in the upcoming film : “Wish you were here”
  • Students Chase Roman, Giacomo Fazzano, PJ Barth, Valarie West, Vincent Yacovelli ans Alaina Lewis  and AJ Tecci were all booked in a recent commercial for ” The Funplex”  in Mount Laurel
  • See student Mirabell Lee on the “Toys R Us” back to school poster

May, June 2014

  • Devin Fabry will play young Amy Schumer in the upcoming movie “Trainwreck” also starring Colin Quinn. Viola from VS Talent sent Devin to me to help her book more roles.
  • ” Ingloda” starring student Lauren Davish …sold it on it’s first day on Amazon
  • Seven year old twin students Anais and Mirabelle Lee have been on a frenzy. Both have had mutiple receent appearances on QVC. Anais is in the current AVON magazine and booked a principal speaking role in a TV commercial for Lakeview Dental Care. She also will be appearing in the September issue of Redbook Magazine
  • Student Cheyanne Cope will play the daughter of Blaine Grey and Sarah Deakins in the upcoming film “M.O.” Also she plays the young Selma Blair in the upcoming movie : “Sex, Death and Bowling”

February, March April  2014

  •  Look for my student Edwina Hadley playing Chadwick Boseman’s grandmother in “Draft Day.” We worked on the ides , shot an audition video, sent it to the casting director and she got the part….without even seeing her in person!
  • Bill Henley of NBC10, Melanie Forchetti, casting director with Mike Lemon Casting and my self were judges at the Main Line Talent Show this evening, 4/5. It was a Saturday Club event hosted by Emmy nominated television host Bitsy Jennings.
    What a fun night with so many talented performance artists. There were singer/songwriters, dancers, vocalists, musicians and even a male baton twirler (who was great! ) It was sponsored by Metro Kids. The Saturday Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit women’s volunteer and philanthropic organization that supports so many great causes. It was a pleasure doing an event with them!
  • See the adorable twins Anais and Mirabelle Lee in the recently released ” Bllod Ties: with Clive Owen, Marion Cotilard, James Caan and many other stars
  • Lauren Davish is filming episode four of the popular web series ” A Perfect Situation”
  • Alicia Brooks was the main character, Jan in Take One’s filming of Petro Home Services
  • Paulette Pearson has been cast as Rose, a new character ( mother of Scarecrow) in ” The Atlantic City Chronicles”

 November, December and January 2014

  •  Such an exciting time as we start the new year……so many recent bookings.                            
  • Katherine Hughes has a major teen role in the new Jason Reitman film “Men, Women and Children”………Adam Sandler, Emma Thompson and Jennifer Garner are in the cast……Soooo proud of you Katherine!
  • Young Ava Baker booked a National commercial for ACC football
  • Young Liam Barnett is in the presently shoing Horizon commercial
  • Danielle Alura is La Sorrelli in the Delaware Children’s Theatre production of “Music in the Night”…………AND……she got the role of Melodie in One in a Million Pictures next film ” Personal Space

September , October

  • My former one on one student Franklin Oneida Smith was Deacon Lemuel Cuffy on ” Boardwalk Empire ” He was stabbed in his church. Congrats to Franklin!!!
  • Student Lauren Davish continues to get leading roles. Watch for her in the feature film ” Sleighing Season” and the upcoming webseries ” A Perfect Situation” and the short film “Summer Shanty” Three bookngs in one month….wow!
  • Student Yolanda Brenner called me from her audition for improv advice and booked the ” Intel” commercial.
  • Look for my talented student, eight year old Ava Baker to be featured in an “Atlantic Coast College Football ” spot.
  • And Student Meg Waldowski is killling it…..Two TV episodes a lead in ” The Haunting Of” and featured in ” Killer Profiles” and that’s not all. She booked an ESPN commercial and a Suburu commercial all in two months…..nice!

August  2013

Ok here we go
Not only is my student, young actor AJ Tecce going to his third callback for the voice in a new animated feature film.(cannot disclose the name at this  time)….he booked a Horizon commercial in May, Selective Insurance in July and Pep Boys in August….Way to Go !!!
Congrats to student Meg Waldowski for booking a lead in “The Haunting Of” ( Shirley Jones episode, she plays Merideth Mcrae)….but also booking the part of Hardy Mosley Schimnt in ” Killer Profiles

June, July  2013

  • Congrats to two students booking parts in “Off Broadway” productions, on the same day!   Danielle Alura booked a role in ” Bound For Broadway”  and Gaby Macera booked a major role in “Life is Short, Cherish Every Moment”
  • Lauren Davish finished filming as the lead in the new movie “Ingolda’ and then finished filming as the lead in  “A Perfect Situation”, which is a new comedy webseries.
  • Director Brian Targett is filming a script that Laure has written The table read was last week
  • Meg Waldowski has booked three commercials in two months…She rocks!

May  2013

  • The taped audition went over well!!  Edwina Hadley booked the role of Grandmother in the new Kevin Costner film. Her grandson will be Chadwick Boseman (“Jackie Robinson”)
  • Just taped a student for the role of Pepper in the new “Annie” by J Z and Will Smith…fingers crossed
  • Lauren Davish (star of “Ingloda”) came to me with sides for a new web series ” A Perfect Situation”. We worked on them, she auditioned…..she got the lead!!!!!
  • Just taped an audition for  a new TV pilot ” My Affair”…..fingers crossed.

April 2013

  • Just finished being on the industry panel for Global Management’s actor/model bootcamp
  • Just taped two students trying out for different roles in the new film written by Cameron Crowe with Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone
  • Also taped two students for different roles in the upcoming film ” Draft Day” with Kevin Costner

February, March   2013

  • Lianna Swain had a speaking role. Michael Connoly had a co-star role in second airing of ” Do No Harm”
  • Danielle Alura is on fire… two months she booked three leads in the films ” Aesthetica” Facing Reality” and ” Dreamt Bliss”, found out that two of her models shoots would get spreads in “Elements” and ” Raine” magazine. Then booked the lead of “Snow White ” in the Wilmington Theaters’ production to be presented at the Grand Opera House….. WOW!!!
  • 12 year old Brianna Mazzola won first place in the talent competition by singing at “The Apollo” in Harlem.

 December 2012 , January  2013

  •  Two Episodes of “Do No Harm” on NBC has four of my students….David McDermott and Edwinna Hadley were featured extras
  •  Samantha Hutchins is the featured female spokesperson for the new Wii – U…see her on the Wii and Toys for Us website
  •  Moved into my new studio in Media PA
  • Annie Picard and I worked hard on an audition tape for “I Promise”  ….She got a call back for the lead
  • Ingolda” is in production starring Lauren Davish….we are working on every scene!

 October, November 2012

  • Faron Salisbury for a featured roll on “Boardwalk Empire”
  • Michael Conley booked a featured roll on “Law and Order”
  • Lauren Danese!!! We have been working together for about a year and an opportunity came up for an audition for the starring role the psychological thriller “Ingloda.” We worked hard on the sides…….SHE BOOKED IT!!! It was the first time we worked together on an audition!

September  2012

  • Brianna Mazola just made it through the audition at the “The Apollo Theater ” in NYC….That means she gets to compete in the next Apollo competition….Congrats Brianna !
  • Lianna Swain booked a speaking role on the present filming TV series ” Do no Harm”
  • Michael Connely booked a co -star role in the present filming TV series ” Do no Harm”
  • Lianna and Michael also booked roles in ” Political Animals”
  • Ian Bulack booked a the featured role in a PSA for Dylexia
  • Chelsea Bulack booked a featured role in an “Action News” promo
  • Montana Marks got a speaking role on “Political Animals”
  • Montana also was featured on the Ron Pope Video : One Grain of Sand”
  • Katherine Hughes is on tour with NBT and has a new hit single “Soul”

August 2012

  • Molly Lynch came to me to work on an audition for a TV education project….tough part…her first audition….we worked hard. She got first refusal….Yay Molly….congrats!!
  • Ok, Alex Strimel….what? You are filming a lead role tomorrow that we worked on today….
    you got the lead role of Bennie on the audition we worked on last week….and we still have to prep and film another movie audition next week……???? You are a twelve year old wonder!!!

July 2012

Holy Moly….what a week!!! Seven student bookings in seven days!

From July 4th to July 7th:

  • Melissa Cassera booked a lead in the movie ” Centralia”
  • Michelle Nagy booked a “Chrysler commercial”
  • Jen Cosantino got the role of Miss Dorothy in “Thoroughly Modern Millie”
  • Michael  Capperella  got a lead in the movie “The Stream”
  • Meg Waldowski  booked a leading role in “Parallax”
  • Alex Strimel  got cast with a speaking role in “Parallax”
  •  Dennis Jeantet got sides on Monday, we worked on the character development and went to Rose Tree Park and filmed an audition tape on Tuesday……On Wed he booked the lead role in “Rivers and Roads”

2012 News

  • Adult Actor Michele Nagy just booked a commercial for the FDA.
  • Tween Actor Samantha Hutchens had her first audition ever….and booked a Univest Bank commercial !!
  • Teen Actor Patricia Raven, a student with Donald since age eleven….had a guest appearance on ” GLEE”
  • Teen Actor KC Hughes, a student that started with Donald about three years ago  was featured on “Bluebloods”
  • Tween  Actor  Kiera McNeil landed the presently airing role of spokes person for the National Constitution Center.
  •  Tween Actor Alex Trimmel got the lead in a new upcoming Christmas movie ( to be ann
  • Adult Actor Rick Foster booked a role as the father of a main character in “Silver Linings” with De Niro and       Bradley Cooper
  • Adult Actor Meg Waldowski booked four commercials in two weeks
  • Adult Actor Melissa Cassera has the lead in two independent features
  • Teen Actor Chase Rosciolo  is in NY filming the ” Carrie Diaries”
  • Teen Actor  Brandi Young is up for Best Young Actress in a Short Film 2012
  • Child Actor Michael Caperelli was in a Chucky Cheese commercial
  • In the last two months, Hannah Swenson (Teen), Samantha Hutchins (Tween) and Brianna Mazola (Tween)have all been signed for a three year exclusive with a reputble NY/LA Manager……they are so talented and they all desrve a huge congrats!!!!!