McKenna Productions Incorporated

McKenna Productions Incorporated is one of two production companies that are owned by Donald and Maureen McKenna. It focuses  mainly on services provided to actors. Donald’s teaching and coaching skills have enhanced the careers of a countless amount of actors that range from four to eighty four years old.


  • Golden Globes…two of my students were in shows that were nominated……….see Read more recent news below
  • GOLD ADDY AWARD to my wife…also see more in Read more recent news below .
  • Anais and Mirabelle Lee have booked featured roles on four major TV shows in the last fourteen months.                                                                                                             – They just added a co-starring role on” The Blacklist”.                                              – Anais and I prepared and did a self tape audition Oct 29th that booked her on           Stephan Colbert’s Halloween show                                                                                  – Anais Lee and I prepared her audition via Skype…she booked  a co-starring role      of Theo’s daughter on the Fox series ” The Following”                                                   – Two weeks later Anais and her sister Mirabelle booked a role on “Madam                     Secretary”  after we worked on the audition material
  • Young Amy Schumer is being played by my student, Devin Fabry, in the movie ” Train wreck” …..released recently
  • AJ Tecci ad I finished working on his third call back and waited….. He booked the role of the voice of ” PigPen” in the new upcoming “Peanuts” movie.
  • Two more upcoming students have secrets that will be let out soon….keep posted…On another note….My lovely talented wife just shot an interview – movie trailer with Meghan Trainor (all about the bass, no treble)

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Sue Prantil ( Mother of Teen Actor)

“Donald is an amazing acting coach. I have four daughters in the business that have landed roles in film, tv, music videos and commercials over the past several years, and Donald has been extremely instrumental in helping them get the parts. Donald has such a caring–but professional–way with kids of all ages, and goes above and beyond to make sure the kids feel comfortable with a role, using unique and exciting acting methods that allow the kids to stay focus and achieve the best outcome possible. I would recommend Donald to any serious professional actor….you will not be disappointed.”

Rick Foster ( Adult Actor)

I decided to take some classes in the Philly area.I first met Donald McKenna teaching an Improv class. I was hooked!!  It was like nothing I had ever done.  Just after the class ended I got a call to go to NYC for a Amtrak commercial audition. When I walked in, they said, There’s no script, the audition is all improv. WHAT THE WHAT ! ……I nailed it !! It almost sounds like a bullshit story , but it’s the absolute truth. I became SAG eligible because of booking it..Through the years I’ve called Donald for help with auditions…. in fact, one time I called him from across the street from the casting agent of the show “Homicide” in Baltimore for a few pointers on a part that was literally one line…booked that one two!. I’ve had speaking roles on, Homicide, Philly, Hack, Cold Case and The Happening.  I currently have a Verizon commercial and an PSA for the Philadelphia council for anti-smoking.    BUT, Two weeks ago, on September 13th, I had a callback for the new Bradley Cooper movie,  “Silver Linings Playbook”. The casting director told me that this director was big on improv, Dude, who else could I call. I was able to get a hold of Donald the night before for a quick re-fresher. Today I found out I got the part. My scenes are with Bradley Cooper and it’s a several day shoot at 4 different locations. …..needless to say, Donald, I have to get together with you in the next month, probably a few times right?? thanks for everything. Dude, see you soon

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